Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vintage Inspired.....

Soooo I am a glutton for all things vintage - more specifically, all things 1940's and 1950's.... Well, I finally decided to give pin-up girl make up and hair a try.

I won't say that I spent hours watching YouTube tutorials on hair and make up. Or that I spent like.... 2 (possibly 3) hours in my bathroom with a laptop and my phone pausing and unpausing videos every few minutes trying to do Victory Rolls and classic pin up makeup. No, wont say that because that's just silly. I didn't do that. I only spent 20 min doing hair and makeup and it was effortless! .....

And now that I've lied and made myself feel better about it.... I'll be honest. I spent like 3 hours trying to do victory rolls. And well... yeah. It is NOT as effortless as those stupid YouTube tutorials make it look. And well... I am so NOT a girly girl, and while I think the make up is EXACTLY what I was going for (minus the red lipstick because I am super lame and own no lipstick, let alone fire engine red lipstick)... It could be better. I ended up with a mock "Rosie the Riveter" updo and really awesome makeup. Anyway... here's the results!

....sigh... I just realized my eyeliner isn't even. Oh well. Still cute. LOL

And here are a few links to YouTube Tutorials for Vintage 40's and 50's hair and make up.

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