Monday, April 15, 2013

Beef Veggie soup

I threw this one together last minute, but it turned out super awesome. I had thawed out a chuck roast two days ago and needed to use it before it went bad, so I threw it in the crock pot with some other stuff as well!

Crock Pot Veggie Soup
You'll need:

  • a Chuck roast (probably 3-5lbs, i think mine was 3lbs)
  • 3cups of beef broth (this was just enough to cover everything, you may need more)

I used the following veggies:

  •  two handfuls of green beans (frozen)
  •  a cup of corn (frozen)
  •  a cup of peas (frozen)
  •  a can of tomatoes and okra
  •  and a can of sliced new potatoes

 Seasonings (I used garlic, salt, and pepper)

I literally just threw the meat and all veggies but the new potatoes in the crock pot and covered them with the beef broth. 3 cups was enough to cover all the veggies and meat, depending on the veggies you add and how  large your chuck roast is you may need to add more. I didn't add the new potatoes until about 45 min before serving because I didn't want them to get all mealy and mushy. Cooked on low for 6 hours and the chuck roast was falling apart. I served it over rice and the girl child was asking for seconds, so I'd say it was a success!

Week 3 Recipes

Week 3!
Just like the last week, I have tried to include substitutes for those who don’t eat beef or pork. I don’t include the substitutions in the grocery list – so you’ll have to pay a bit of attention there. Also, I’m a bum – ALL of this week’s recipes are crock pot recipes. Don’t judge me.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vintage Inspired.....

Soooo I am a glutton for all things vintage - more specifically, all things 1940's and 1950's.... Well, I finally decided to give pin-up girl make up and hair a try.

I won't say that I spent hours watching YouTube tutorials on hair and make up. Or that I spent like.... 2 (possibly 3) hours in my bathroom with a laptop and my phone pausing and unpausing videos every few minutes trying to do Victory Rolls and classic pin up makeup. No, wont say that because that's just silly. I didn't do that. I only spent 20 min doing hair and makeup and it was effortless! .....

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet stuff!

While working this week I ran across a recipe for a really EASY dessert. It's literally 2 ingredients. Super simple.

Any way, I'm not sure what to call it but its YUM. All you need is a regular sized can of crushed pineapple and a box of yellow cake mix. Mix the two together, and bake according to package directions. Then, BAM. You have a sort of pineapple cake. 

I was also feeling adventurous this morning while cleaning, and took a can of green apple soda (not even sure why we have it in the house, none of us drink it...), a white cake mix, and 2 cans of apple pie filling. I preheated the oven to 350, then mixed the cake mix and the soda together and let it sit for a few minutes. While the cake mix was sitting, I sprayed the pan with baker's magic (think PAM but made for baking) and then poured the cans of apple pie filling in the pan. I baked for 30 min. Its in the kitchen smelling amazing. I havent tasted it yet, but I will be soon. I'll update as soon as I do!

Anyway, happy day to you!!!


So, my apple cobbler was... well... Amazing. I'm not sure that it qualifies as cobbler but it was AWESOMESAUCE.

And a major thank you to MH for the pineapple cake thing. =)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A little update!

Man! It has been forever since I posted! I have soooo much to update on!

The baby, life.... all sorts of things! This will have to suffice for now, but over the next week or so I plan on adding more recipes (including more crockpot recipes), updates on the kids and life, and some crafty craft stuffs!!!