Friday, June 8, 2012

Crafty Father's Day Gift for an Expectant Father!

My fiance and I are currently expecting another child (a boy!) who is due in July. My fiance is one of those has-it-all guys and I was really stumped about what to get him for father's day this year. While I was "nesting" the other day, I ran across three brand new back packs that he doesn't ever use and it gave me an idea! I'm going to make him a "Daddy Survival/Diaper Bag"!

I made a little list  (we're list people - I make lots of lists!) of things that I wanted to throw in the bag for him. So here's my list:

Travel wipes case w/ wipes
spare pacifiers
empty grocery bag (for wet stuff)
change of clothes for baby
spare t-shirt for daddy
gloves (for "blow outs"! - ok so this one is sort of a gag gift, but it's funny!)
mask (for "blow outs"! - ok so this one is sort of a gag gift, but it's funny!)
spare toy for baby
travel size cologne for daddy
hand sanitizer
bottle of water
and some snacks for daddy

We are breastfeeding (gasp!) for the foreseeable future, so I doubt daddy will need to carry bottles, but if he did I'd just throw a bottle or two into one of those insulated totes w/ some expressed milk for them to take a long.

I want to add more things, but I'm not sure what else I'd throw in the bag! Got any ideas???

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